Laser cutter tip and trick resize from inch to mm

Something I learned this week about the laser cutter. The if you did a drawing in scale Inches and import it to rdworks it will show up as mm. So if you had a 10 inch box in another program and imported that to rd works, it would come in as a 10mm box.
To resize to correct size: Highlight whole project, scale by 2540%
Well that’s what worked for me. Maybe someone can test and let me know.

Yep, that should indeed work. A great maker number to keep in one’s head is 2.54. The number of cm in an inch.

And fun fact, it’s not “about” an inch, the inch is defined to be 2.54 cm so it’s spot on. Related is of course 25.4mm /inch which conveniently means that 100mm is about 4” and you can get a pretty good feel around metric measurements.

And finally 3mm is about 1/8 inch. That’s immensely helpful when wrapping one’s head around metric thicknesses.

Sure, this wasn’t the point of this post but I thought I’d add my metric / inches 0.02£ :slight_smile:

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