Laser cutter not cutting


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The laser cutter was having an issue cutting tonight. My first job ran fine then the second the laser was not firing. I cycled power on the unit and tried running it several times. The laser head would move correctly but the laser remained off and the ammeter remained at 0A. While not running a job I was able to pulse the laser successfully.

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Can you tell me what kind of material you were cutting? (Size as well)? Did you flip any switches on the top or side in between cuts?

The first cut I did with ~2mm acrylic which went fine. The second one was with 3mm birch plywood (line 35%pwr 10mm/s). I checked the switches and nothing had seemed to change between runs. Also did a complete power cycle and restarted the cutter including the power switch to the laser unit. I could pulse the unit from the control module but was not getting it to fire while running the job.

@jody or @RealCarlRaymond
Ideas as to what’s happening?

So, if the pulse is still working that suggests its an issue with the job rather than the hardware. If you’re using RDWorks, I’d check that the Is Output? option is enabled for the layer and that the power didn’t get accidentally entered too low. (If memory serves the laser doesn’t reliably fire below about 10% power, but that number may be different now). If you’re using Lightburn I’m not as sure where the specific settings are, but I assume there’s something similar.


Since the head still moved, but the laser didn’t fire that makes the isOutput thing less likely since it should just skip them. I’d double check power settings on the layer for sure.

Yeah I’m hoping it is something simple with my setup. I’ll stop in this weekend and go through it again and see if I can replicate the error

If using lightburn its possible that the second run had a 0 power on the low end ? Things with curves often won’t cut at 0 as it tries to avoid burn marks

The laser cutter seems to be working this evening. Happy to take a look at settings with you of you are around this evening.

Resolved , the laser cutter is operating normally this evening

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