Laser cutter home switch broken


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Laser Cutter

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The rear home switch (far back left corner of machine) is stripped off its mounting screws. I temporarily got it back in place with some mounting tape, but this surely won’t do the trick long term. It probably needs to be drilled out and retapped for the next sized hole and remounted.

@RealCarlRaymond or @jody maybe you could take a look and see if you have any ideas ?

The machine works right now, but PLEASE be careful when first turning the machine on. If it makes awful grinding noises. TURN IT BACK OFF right away.

And I totally meant the back right not the back left.

I’ll look at it tonight. I have some spares of that switch if needed. I recall when we got the machine, that switch wouldn’t trip reliably until we stuck a metal chunk onto the carriage. Possibly that’s related. I’ll give it a chunk-check.

I think its related. The chunk I think had settled over time and was smacking the home switch every time it came around. Eventually it just had enough and the threads yanked out.

I pulled the metal chunk off and taped the sensor up close enough that it would trip reliably. I think we didn’t realize at the time that those sensors can actually be adjusted up and down. It needed to be adjusted closer to the X rail. (But our masterful addition of the metal chunk did indeed do the trick at the time).

It’s all set now. I re-tapped the holes the same size to clear them out, and used better screws with a bit more thread depth. All snug, and no more metal chunk with adhesive tape.

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