Laser cutter error

Files created in rdworks were getting this error when opening them back up later. This was true whether the file was opened from a jump drive or saved locally

If a new file is created, closed, and double clicked to reopen, the error comes up

Bed size had been changed in rdworks, and has been changed back to roughly what it is irl
Other files created earlier today opened as expected

If you open a pre existing file, save as, close, and reopen, it works

Hey, doing a little digging into this problem.

A potential problem is the version mismatch. It’s very likely that I have a later version than what is installed at the Makers Space. I am unable to physically make my way into the space until this saturday (05/28/2022), however if someone is available to view the version for me. I might be able to download the appropriate version and try to open some of the files I created on the Makers Space’s computer.

Pressing the “Help” tab at the top should open up a pop-up which contains the version number at the bottom. (See image for context).


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Hope this is helpful!


I’ll see about downloading this specific version, then testing it out the next time I show up.

Will post an update.

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So, @Casey_Hewens helped me figure out a work around.

(Probably the better work around solution)
Using Adobe Illustrator, if you export the file as a .ai (Version CS4). You can seamlessly import that into the RDworksV8 here at the maker space.

(Potential, untested solution)
I copied the RDworksV8 folder from the Maker Space and will install it on my laptop. Create a play file and see if the file format error exists. I choose to copy the Maker Space folder because I couldn’t find a website that appeared legit and wasn’t a torrent for the specific version of RDworkV8 being used at the Maker Space.

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