Laser cutter down for repairs

The laser cutter cooling system sprung a leak last night. We will be replacing the hose today and testing it out tomorrow for any lasting damage that could have occurred. With luck, it will be up and running by Sunday night.

Looks like the laser will be down for a while longer. The coolant leak caused a crack in the laser tube.

Brian has already ordered a new tube. It will be at least another 7-10 days before the laser is back up and running. I will keep you updated when we know more. Thank you for your patience.


Man, I just renewed my membership to come.up tonight and use it again. Should have read this first.

Any chance at all of using it by Saturday? Was hoping to knock our some redo’s of my barn pic before family reunion on sunday…

Mayyybe ? Can’t make any promises. It’ll all depend on how quickly the new tube gets shipped out. I’m hoping I see a shipping notification today. If it ships today, it should arrive towards the end of the week. Then it’ll just depend on the “laser crew” having time to get the tube installed and aligned.

So, I wouldn’t count on it by any stretch, but its possible that it may be up again by Saturday evening.

No worries! Bummer, but nothing I mad about! I’ll see you all back in there on occasion! Glad to be back for a month at least before the cold comes and I need to be there even more!

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Hey guys! Hate to ask, but any chance the part came in to get it fixed? Thanks so much!

Despite all my attempts to sweet-talk fedex, the package won’t arrive until Monday unfortunately.

No worries on asking!

The “laser team” got the new tube installed and aligned tonight. Laser is back in action. As always, you are encouraged to test your settings as they may have changed.

Also the max power on the laser is now 50%. This should just be an improvement to the top end power as we eeked up the max current closer to the manufacturer’s limit.

Thanks to @jody and @RealCarlRaymond for their help getting everything sussed out.

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