Laser Cutter Checkout Request, New Member

Hello, I was wondering if there was a day that someone could show me how to run the laser cutter. I am able to be there anytime the shop is open!

Thanks for the help,

I could walk you through Friday at 4:00 p.m. would that work for you?

Perfect! Thank you Evelyn.

See you then

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@Evelyn do you mind if I join so I can become a checkout trainer? I’ve already done a couple of checkouts in the past. All I need to do is teach one in front of a trainer.

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That would be great!

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@krauser1 & @Arialia , looking forward to learning about lasers tonight!

Hey @krauser1 & @Arialia , we don’t currently have material in stock. I reached out to the powers that be and will let you know as soon as I do when we can do the CNC checkout

And I still want to hear about your 3D printing project!

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Okay, thank you for the follow up!

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Hello, new here and just missed this check out request, and I’m wondering when the next instruction time for this machine would be?

Thank you,


Hello - I’m a new member (Meredith is my partner). Excited to get cutting!

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Thanks for creating the other post! Several of us have responded there

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Hey @krauser1 , material is in! Want to do a CNC checkout at 4:30 this Sunday?
I’d like to make it open for a few more to attend

Yes! Sounds great, I’ll see you then

Looking forward to becoming a new member. Is anyone available this week to do a laser cutter checkout with me. Please and thank you in advance.

Danyel H

Hi Danyel! Are you available tomorrow between 4-6pm or Sunday 12-2pm?

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Hi Arialia,
I’m available on Sunday from 12-2pm. Thank you very much.

Great! See you Sunday!

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