Laser cutter checkout june 9

Would it be possible to do a laser cutter check out this Thursday June 9?

I’d like to join this checkout

How does 4:00pm sounds @Kendail ?

Thanks Jimmy. 4:00 is good for me. I am flexible that entire afternoon and evening if there is a better time for Laura to join us.

I would also like to join if there is room.

4 works for me!
20 char.

I would also like to join!

Good morning. Confirming 4:00 for the laser cutter checkout. Thanks…KD

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Yep, we’re on. I didn’t catch that Maria will be joining, so it might get a little cramped. But we’ll make do!

Perfect. Thank you. I know nothing about the process, so I am a blank slate on this one. Approximately how much time should I plan for?

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