Laser Checkout Tues 12/12 @ 6:30


I am interested in learning how to use the laser for my wood projects. Are there any overviews scheduled?



Brian I didn’t realize you had set a time in your response I apologize. I wasn’t available that day. next week i am available Monday, Tuesday, Friday nights and Saturday morning if any of those times work for folks to schedule instruction. thanks.


How about Tuesday 12/12@ 6:30?


Perfect thanks so much Brian!


Anyone else who’s interested please RSVP here. We can accommodate 4 people in the laser checkout.


I’d love to join in on this checkout. I’ll be there.


Can I get in on that if I can make it?


Absolutely you can! That leaves 1 slot open.


We still on for tonight?


Yep, I’m here and will be ready to go!


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