Lapidary slabs for anyone who can use them

I’ve had ~20lbs of pretty nice lapidary slabs in my house for a couple years, if anyone does lapidary or knows someone who does you can have them all. Or if you just really like looking at flat pieces of fancy rocks.
I took some out i think can be hand or dremel polished but the rest are up for grabs.

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I would LOVE your slabs!!

Cool! Do you do lapidary? If you do theres 1 in there I’d really like pollished if you wouldnt mind as a trade

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I’m just learning now! I’d love to make a shiny stone for you

Cool! When will you be in so i can get them to you?

I know I’ll be there for the closing on Saturday but might sneak in before that and try and get a check out on the laser too.

Hey, are you going to be available at all this week? I would love to come grab those slabs from you, and figure out which ones you are interested in personally. I’m planning on having both my saws up and running by this weekend and would love to make some pieces to feature for the space.
Thanks, B