Laminate for new bench

I cleaned up the white plastic laminate sheet that we found a while back during a cleaning-and-organizing effort. It looked pretty rough, but now it looks brand new. It’s the right size for the bench that Cliff made in the flex area.

I think it would make it more useful as a large table for a class activity (soldering, jewelry, etc.), as well as a workbench, and make cleaning up dried glue very easy.

Any objection to doing that? I don’t want to step on toes.

Also, I don’t know the origin of the sheet of laminate. Nobody claimed it, so I assume it’s left over from an old member. But if it’s yours, speak up and grab it! (My cleanup charge is quite reasonable.)

In any case, before laminating, I think the bench needs some screws through the top into the long brace under the top. That should stiffen it up nicely.

I had gotten it originally for the Colossal Connect and did not need it in the end. I believe it would make a great table surface.

@mgrossbauer, what do you think? I know you just put some work into the finish.

It’s a good idea, the laminate would make for a more durable surface. It would be best to wait for the finish I put on to fully cure before gluing the laminate on. Curing might be accelerated by wiping the surface with a solvent. There may be some other surface prep. to consider before applying the laminate.

I’ll be away this weekend, and on Monday I’ll pick up some contact cement. It should be ready by then.

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