Just saying hello

Hi all. I’m Denver, just joined the LMN and am so excited to be a part of this community of makers. I’ve had lots of experience in loads crafts but haven’t really made anything for a little over a decade. Most interested in woodworking as I’d like to get back into furniture refurbishing and creation. You’ll likely see me at the workshop all the time once checked out on equipment. I just moved up from Arkansas and am loving Lansing. Y’all lemme know the places to check out. Interests outside of creation include awsome food, dog parks, volunteer opportunities, and cozy little bookshops. See ya around.


Welcome, Denver! What kind of food do you like?
Babes is great for subs and soft serve. Taste of Thai has some of the best Thai around. 102 Pho has the best Vietnamese food and banh mi by far. If you like Mexican, Maria’s Cuisine and La Estrellita are great. There’s a pink Cuban food truck called Habana Delights that sells delicious food and pastries. Siraj and Jerusalem bakery have good Mediterranean food.

Hooked is a new, cozy bookstore that also sells wine. There are a lot of neat tiny independent bookstores around, but they don’t really have seating if you’re looking to hang out and read. Definitely check out Deadtime Stories in REO town if you’re into horror or murder mysteries. The Robin books is a tiny bookshop inside of the Robin Theater that’s also worth a visit.


If you have transportation and can lift a little bit of weight, the Lansing Area Free Stands could use another distributor. We take turns picking extra food from local grocery stores and distributing it to spots around town where folks can pick it up for free.

Welcome to Lansing!


Sparty Coney Island in Frandor has Flint style coneys. I am a big proponent of Flint style coneys. Mmmmm, Flint style coneys…

Thank you so much! When it comes to food I prefer variety so this is perfect.

Hiya! I’m a recent Michigan transplant too. Welcome to the space!

Awesome! I have a truck for just such purposes. :hugs:

As far as bookstores go in east Lansing you have ‘Curious Books’ and ‘Archives Bookshop’. In the down town Lansing there is ‘Everybody Reads’. I wouldn’t be welcoming you to Michigan as a whole if I didn’t mention ‘Kings’ (John K. King used and rare books) in Detroit, it is a day trip due to both distance and size (old 3 story warehouse).

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For bookshops, I’d add Robin Books in REO Town and, eventually, A Novel Concept.

Food depends on your interest, but there’s pretty solid Chinese at Everyday Chinese, wonderful Indonesian in Naing Myanmar Family Restaurant, excellent BBQ at Saddleback, a satisfying brunch at People’s Kitchen.

Blue Owl and Strange Matter are my go-tos for coffee. I like the vibe better at Blue Owl, but the pastries are better at Strange Matter.

For volunteer opportunities, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention our own.