Jumbotron for the space

Hey yall!

Theres a 13 by 4ft and 13 by 8ft jumbotron that my friend has bought. He would be willing to lease it to the space for free. It would be open for tinkering and projects. Would this be possible/interesting to people? What size would people prefer?

They work!



Ahahaha is this the one from the Breslin? That the surplus store just sold?

I believe so! Apparently they have DVI in, art net in, and run off of wall power. They sound like a ton of fun to tinker with.

Do we have anywhere to even put one? Seems pretty large!


Its just the panels on their own, and it would only be one panel, either:

Small Panel: 13ft by 4ft by 6in

Large Panel: 13ft by 8ft by 6in.



Do you know what power it requires?
And by lease, does your friend mean to store it at LMN or deliver it for events?

Hi Evelyn!

Ill ask him, to my understanding it can use wall power.

And as for the lease, it would be similar to how members allow their equipment to be used by the space but after a set time are allowed to remove the equipment. As opposed to donating it outright.

I would imagine it would be great for the creative coding/anyone interested in electronics.

We could place it against a wall and it would take up minimal space.

Let me know if you have any more questions,


Thank you!
I know @brian.adams and others are looking into lease paperwork. I think he’ll be the one making decisions on this moving forward

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