Job board upgrade

Inspired by the game that @michael has been working on for his kids for the past few weeks, the job board got an upgrade today. It’s beta status, so we’ll see how it works, but it addresses one of the big negatives of the task cards (you couldn’t tell if someone had done the task, or if no one flipped it back to red).

All of the tasks from the cards are implemented, and its talking to a web api, so as we find more things that need to be done on a schedule, we can add them in. Same things apply as before, if you’re at the space with a few minutes to spare, help out by taking on a task.

I haven’t designed signage / instructions for it yet, but the basics are this:

  1. If you want to “claim” your completion, swipe your door key/card on the blue wifi symbol. It should turn green. (If you want to complete something anonymously, just skip this step).
  2. Press the button next to the task you’ve just completed. It should turn green (and then go out).
  3. If you swiped in step one, swipe again to “log out” (or just wait, it’ll log out out after 30 seconds.

Pictures below. Bug reports and suggestions are welcome.

More updates. The digital signage system now includes a top scores page in its rotation. :slight_smile: