Jewelry torches and buffer/polisher checkout

Would like to schedule time to be checked out on jewelry making torches and buffer-polisher.

Following, because I would also appreciate that.

Hello, Linda & welcome! I’m the jewelry area manager. There are three of us that can give torch checkouts: Myself, @jody & @Arialia. I’m currently busy w/ my nephews visiting & am unavailable to schedule a time to give checkouts, during the next two weeks. I’m hoping either Jody or Maria can schedule a time for you & @Rossi.Bossi .

I look forward to meeting you sometime soon! ~Heather

Thank you, Heather. I appreciate your quick response.

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Welcome, Linda! I can do a checkout tomorrow at 2pm. If that doesn’t work for you, let me know your general availability and we can get something scheduled during the week.

Do you mean Sunday 7/16 at 2 PM? If so. that is great and I will be there. Thank you.

Yes, see you then!

. . . .