Jewelry checkout

I’d like to get checked out on some jewelry equipment, I don’t really know what’s there so anything that needs a checkout. I have a pile of scrap silver I’d like to melt down and make into something.

I just came on here to ask for a jewelry stuff checkout lol! Mind if I hop in on this?

I want to do wax casting (not sure what I’d need for that, gotta do more research) and get checked out for sautering and the hand dremels. Also, stuff for electroplating if you have it? If not no worries though!

Honestly, I’d just like to get checked out on everything there is :slight_smile:

I’d also like to participate if possible

I would also be interested in the wax casting. I have been wanting to try resin printing to wax casting .

Hey @jody , any advice here?

I am interested as well.

Hey everybody. To start, I’ll be doing a torch checkout Sunday at 1:30pm. Takes about 45 minutes. After that, we can do rundowns on what the other tools do and I can answer everyone’s questions. I hope this works.

And why not? I will also run another torch checkout on Thursday evening at 6:30pm right after my volunteer shift for people who can’t make it Sunday.

Cool, count me in. Thanks.

Alright thank you see you tomorrow!

Sorry, don’t think I will be able to make it today after all.

Thanks everyone who took the torch checkout and the subsequent discussions of all things jewelry. I’m hoping we can carry this on. Possibly by having an open jewelry evening at the space in the future.

Unfortunately, I have remembered plans for this Thursday so I have to reschedule the next torch checkout. I’m available Saturday or Sunday afternoons and evenings. Please tell me when you’re available and we’ll make it fit.

Thank you!

I have electro plating stuff…and in order shipping from Rio with some wax casting stuff too!

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Oooo, that’s exciting!

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