Jewelry area- green oxygen tank needs to be refilled


Affected Tool or Resource: Green oxygen tank in jewelry area has run out and needs to be refilled. If anyone knows where to get the tank refilled, please advise.

Team, Group or Volunteer who usually handles this type of ISSUE or REQUEST @TEAM_Jewelry @jody

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@BrianBaldwin Could you replace that tank? LMN has an account with michigan air gas on the north side if town. If they charge you, we can reimburse you.

Do we get a discount there?

No, they have our non profit status on file.

I have the tank in my car now, I’ll get it filled tomorrow

Great! Thanks a lot!

Tanks filled and back on the torch…it’s purity that the accts with…not air gas for future reference.

Thank you, Brian! It was really nice of you to stop by just to drop off the tank yesterday!