It's a virtual makerspace now

While our doors are closed, let’s not lose our great sense of community. Make a posting about things you’re working on at home, or thinking of building when you get back in the shop. Or just tell everyone how you’re keeping occupied in these strange new times.

Here’s a thing I’ve been working on for a couple of evenings. It’s a bracket to make a truss out of electrical conduit tubing. The threads are slightly tapered so the nuts will make it clamp down on the tubing. With a bracket every two feet, I think I’ll get a rigid truss that I can suspend lights and a camera from over a workbench or table.

Print time is a mere 8 hours per bracket, not including the nuts. So we’ll see how many of these I actually want to make.

I hope everyone’s healthy, and stays that way. But please do ask here if you need anything. I know lots of us will be willing and able to help.


Awesome. Would you share the stl or better yet the fushion file?

That looks great! People do some really neat things with electrical conduit because it is cheap and readily available. Check out the MPCNC (Mostly Printed CNC) which uses a conduit frame and 3D printed parts. I am hoping to build one of these soon to get more versatility out of my plasma cutter.

Has anyone checked out Fusion 360’s new print slicer? I haven’t had much time to look, but it sounds interesting.

Here’s a Dropbox link to it:

You can dismiss the Dropbox login and then just download it. I wouldn’t try printing the whole thing without a test of the fitting. I’d set the timeline marker just ahead of the final pattern operation, and try a single fitting and nut.

I’ve been thinking about buying a Prusa for myself, but the lead time on those might be longer than quarantine time. Especially since they’re probably quarantined, too.

I encouraged a friend to buy a ender pro 3 and he’s happy with it. But that’s what he just started with, he doesn’t have the baseline of using a prusa first.

I’m just getting started with F360’s slicer. It looks very capable, but it’s not a straightforward as Slic3r. If you haven’t already switched to “Z-up” in your preferences, do that before you start a design you’ll be slicing. Otherwise everything is sideways.

MPCNC looks very interesting, but that must be a solid month of printing.

I saw this about the MPCNC I see a lot of people upset about this.

@RealCarlRaymond would you like to borrow a 3d printer? I have a solidoodle2 that works but doesn’t get much attention. I also have a monoprice delta mini that doesn’t get any use (has a smaller bed)

I finally got around to this project I’ve been wanting to work on for a bit. I made a bee house from some scrap wood, reeds, test tubes, and the cardboard tubing that came with the rug we bought in the fall. This was the sort of project I could have banged out in an hour at the space, but took me most of the day at home. The hardest bit was the lack of anything to cut with except a fine toothed hacksaw.

It’s 100% a recycling project, and my hope is the variation in sizes of tube will attract different species of bee (which has been my experience in the past–you mostly get mason bees and leafcutter bees; I’m also hoping to attract some wool carder bees).