ISO a fellow volunteer to help with a woodshop task

I’m hoping to find a volunteer to divide and conquer the sorting and storage of hand tools and small bits in the woodshop. Preferably someone with just a bit of experience in woodworking, fabrication and/or construction who has some extra hours in the next couple months!
First step is meeting up with me (maybe Charlie too at some point) to discuss specific tasks. Looking for just one human at this point to keep things simple.
Please message if interested!

Hi there. I’m interested in helping with this. Happy to meet sometime this coming week during open hours if you would like.

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Oh excellent!! Are you free this Thursday?

Yup! I’ll be there for a checkout around 4, so perhaps after that is complete?

Should work out! I’ll be there on volunteer shift so find me when you’re done with the checkout.

Nvm- I’ll actually be at the same checkout :slight_smile:

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