Is there open sewing on Sundays?

Hey. I thought I heard someone mention that there was some sort of Sunday open sewing or something, but I can’t find it mentioned anywhere. Is this a thing?

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I don’t know the answer, but I’m following this post because I’m curious too!

Hi! I’m the manager of that department

There is an impromptu sewing hang Sunday evenings. For the time being, I imagine it will stay unlisted

However, please feel free to stop by! People are often there between 6 and 8pm, as long as the space itself is open

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Hi, Evelyn! Sweet. Is the open sew available to folks who don’t have a Maker’s pass?

Feel free to come in Sunday evening, even if you don’t have a membership! There’ll be at least one volunteer on staff that can answer overall questions, but there may not be a volunteer to help you with specifically with sewing.
I’m hoping to charge the schedule around this year and offer more in depth activities supported by volunteers that can help with the crafts