Is there a shuttle for the loom?

Is there a shuttle for the loom somewhere and i just didnt spot it? It should look something like this.
If not they are fairly expensive so if anyone wanted to take a shot at making one so our loom can have everything it needs that’d be really cool.


I do believe there is not a shuttle! It’s great to have more than one too :slight_smile: there are simple versions that aren’t the boat that might be easier to be made as well!

Shuttles can be found in antique shops. You will find them in a variety of states of repair. They may not be outlandishly expensive there.

Woven art yarn shop in east lansing has 2 used ones for 20 each, how would getting them for the space work?

I donated the loom without a shuttle.

I have some extras that I can donate. Will bring in and leave on the loom this week.


Thank you!!! I think thats the last thing it needs to be ready to go and i picked up some clearance yarn to set it up

I couldn’t find any extra sled shuttles, so I dropped off some stick shuttles and some weaving yarn from the stash.
Let me know if you would like some help warping the loom!

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