Is there a list of what tools need checkouts?

It can be very hard to find out if you need a checkout for a specific tool, is there a list of which ones need checkouts? I was told if it has a binder it probably needs a checkout but this doesn’t seem to be a reliable way to find out.

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If this is not something that exists already I’d like to try and get one together, I think it would be helpful to have a visible list of what tools in each section need a checkout to make sure you are not using one you aren’t supposed to yet and so you know what specifically to ask for a checkout on.

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I don’t know if this list exists. Here is a stab at the tools in welding, blacksmithing and metal sanding/grinding.


  • safety
    • hoods (to avoid blindless)
    • gloves (to avoid UV and thermal burns)
  • welder - 110 mig
  • welder - arc (if/when we get power run for it)
  • oxyacetylene torch (if/when we get it set up)


  • small forge
  • large forge
  • post vices vs. bench vices
  • hand tools:
    • why are there so many tongs (use the right one)?
    • how not to break the tools? soft parts vs hard parts!
    • chisels vs fullers!
  • finishing station - oil and bees wax

Metal sanding and grinding.

  • angle grinder
    • thin vs. thick disks
    • how to set the guard
    • proper clamping (vice grips!)
  • sand blaster (if/when we get the air compressors working)
  • bench disk sander / bench grinder
  • drill press
  • 2x72 belt sander - hopefully ready very soon!