Is anyone interested in teaching a bookbinding class?

I swear I’ve talked to someone in the membership about this before, but I just can’t remember who. I’ve been interested in adding a bookbinding class to our class lineup (and we’ve received a few requests for one), but its not currently in my skill set.

Is it in anyone’s ? Would you be willing to work with me to put together a class on it?

I’d like to take it… the only experience I have was from like 6th grade or something, I’m betting we used construction paper.

I know how to make paper, which isn’t quite the same thing, but…you know…first step in making a book (a reading rainbow, if you will).

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We could do a soup-to-nuts class where we make paper and then do a book binding class using their paper in a follow up session. That’d be super cool.

I know @zimdaddy was contemplating a paper making class at one point (it’s why we have quite the colllection of blenders hanging out at the space). This could be a good opportunity to revisit that idea.

Hi Brian,

I haven’t been at LMN for a couple of months — and between cottage up nortth, golf, potentially helping Joe and Katie settle in at the new house in Okemos, and visits from grandchildren — I will not be able to teach a papermaking class before November earliest. I am still going to do more papermaking in winters

Dan Zimmerman

That’s cool, no worries, I wasn’t trying to commit you to anything. :slight_smile: