Invention review

Is there anyone out there who is well versed in electromagnetic induction? I’ve been working on an idea for a generator and am looking for expert critique. Thanks

I’d be willing for you to run the idea by me. I’m a new volunteer and I work as a electrician. I’d share my thoughts on it if you thought that could help.


Thanks James! That would be a huge help. I’m an apprentice JIW through local 665, so I probably have a somewhat similar background education as your self. I’m ready to dive deeper into electromagnetic induction however. When would be a good time and place to meet up?

I’m at the space now until 3:30 or so. I’ll be here Thursday evening again.

Cool, I’ll try to get over there on Thursday. Any idea what time in the evening?

My shift is 6:30 until 9

Thanks, see you then

Hey James, I’m going to try to get over to the makers network building by 7:30 or so.

Hey James, I was thinking about the cool 3D printing you were showing me and got to wondering if powders of ferromagnetic or other very permeable alloys were ever mixed with the plastic filament during printing to make a permeable compound. My prototype doesn’t have to be metal, just permeable. And, sure enough they do make a magnetic filament! I don’t think they’d want me to use it at the Makers Space, but I have to learn to print first anyway. If I get my membership here in the next week or so would you be interested in helping me get started with 3D printing?