Introductions from a new guy

Good Morning Makers

My name is David Baile. I am a new member from the Detroit area who has taken a job here in Lansing. I am up here Tuesday- Fridays and am looking forward to working in the shop with yinz. I have a long history working in the entertainment industry as a fabricator, model maker, mold maker, makeup designer, prop designer, metal worker, and a slew of other backgrounds that lends itself well to a shop like this. As it stands I need to get checked out on as many tools as is physically possible. I have a thirst for knowledge. Ill keep my eye on this page for openings, and I look forward to meeting all of you.


Wow, that is seriously cool! Welcome to the space!

Nice background!! Looking forward to seeing you around!

Welcome! I love your chicken hat :smiley:

Welcome to the space!
I’d be curious to see what you’ve made!
I can get you setup with the laser cutter, too. I’ve taught that one before, so no being a guinea pig this time

Absolutely. I can’t wait to get my hands dirty!!! Lazer me up!

I am available Sunday afternoons, but can do Tuesday and Friday evenings with enough notice

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Friday is doable as long as I can get back to Detroit before the street lights go out

Tuesday works anytime after 5PM

Tuesday the 19th 5:30?

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I’ll be there!! I look forward to it.

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@Evelyn , would it be alright for me to around 5:45-6 that day to get checked out as well?

That’s be fine!
I’ll wait inside the front doors for those that need them

@Evelyn I managed to get checked out when I signed up today, so I won’t need to come in on Tuesday. Thank you for offering to help get me set up.


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That’s exciting!