Introduction - Tony

Hi, I’m Tony Kuhlman. I just joined last month, and I’m looking forward to learning how to work in several different areas in the Lansing Makers shop. Most oh my previous projects have been in wood, but I’d like to expand into the 3-D printer, metal working, and others. My current project is a 14’ cedar strip canoe. The hull is built and almost ready to fiberglass the outside. I’d like to have it ready to launch in the spring.

Hi Tony! Welcome to the space. That canoe sounds like an interesting project.

Oh, wow… I would love to see you working on your canoe at the Makerspace, @Tony . We had another member build and assemble a wooden paddle board over the summer.

Welcome to LMN! :slight_smile:

Thanks, Conejita. I hope to have it in the maker shop in January. I’m looking forward to meeting the people here.