Introduction to the 3D Printer

Hello Everyone,

I am joining the Makers Network starting this weekend and I wanted my first project to be a retirement gift for a Soldier I work with whose after 25 years with the U.S. Army. I have no experience with 3D printers but I thought a cool gift idea would be this 3D printed 155mm artillery shell which we will put a 750ml bottle of bourbon in for him. I got the plans to make the shell from the website below but I wanted to ask for advice to see if using the printer is as easy as uploading the files or if there are directions at the print station on how to print. I will more than likely use the vinyl cutter for the lettering instead of 3D printing the stencils in order to save filament. Any advice or support would be greatly appreciated, I am super excited about joining this organization!

How will the plastic, vinyl, and vinyl sticky react with alcohol?

The alcohol would remain in its original glass bottle, the plastic would just be a shell over it so it would look a little nicer during presentation.