Introduction - Sydney :)

Hey everyone! My name is Sydney (they/them pronouns) and just joined as a member this past weekend, along with my boyfriend. I graduated from MSU this past spring, but I still live in the area. I’m so stoked to have found this space, because I’ve been doing all my projects in my apartment with a dinky little handsaw and a pack of 300-grit sandpaper and it sucks. I grew up in a woodworking woodshop (my dad is a luthier), but I have a lot of interest in metalworking/jewelry making, stained glass work, and bookbinding! I live about ten minutes from the maker space so I’ll probably be there a lot. Can’t wait to see you all there!


Welcome to the space!

Can’t wait to see what you make!
There’s a hefty book press in the fiber room that I haven’t seen used…

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Does the space have stained glass tools? If not I could probably get some donated.

Welcome Sydney!

And @BrianBaldwin, to answer your question, we have a very small amount. I can show you the next time you’re in the space.

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Hey Sydney! Welcome to the space!

Waaaaait, @Rossi.Bossi… youre not the one who did the REO town reading series anthology, are you??

Yes, that’s me. I didn’t know you were a woodworker, in addition to being an incredible editor.

No way, its so good to see (ish) you here!! I hope we get to run into each other sometime :smiley:

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