Introduction- Sarge Pepper

Hey there everyone! My real name isn’t Sarge, but that’s what everyone calls me, so you can too!

I’ve been wanting to get a membership for around 7 years now, and I’m finally in a spot where it’s plausible to stick around for longer than a month!

I’m a baker and entrepreneur by trade, I own Honey Bun Bakery with my wife, Liz Kruger, and we are wanting to move it from just a wholesale bakery into a board game cafe here in Lansing. It’s gonna be a little bit longer, but I’m confident we’ll get there.

I’ve been a DIY’er for a little while now, when I started realizing that so much could be fixed for a lower cost with the right knowledge and tools. I am all over the place, preferring to pick skills up as I need them for a project, and sticking with what I have an interest in as I go.

I have a woodshop at home (nothing fancy and is a MESS), I craft and paint miniatures and terrain from trash, I am interested in plastic recycling, I love talking shop and learning new things. I am very left leaning, LGBTQ+ ally, trans rights supporter, and many other things, but I can have conversations with people without being confrontational, since that’s a skill that we all need.

My current project is restoring a Dough Sheeter (flattens dough on a conveyor belt) so that me and the wife can cut down our manual labor and time in the kifchen, and it’s a project, for sure. But I’m interested in the CnC machines, laser cutters, lathes, woodshop, the sewing and stitching area (gotta learn how to fix clothing too!) and pretty much anything else I can learn.

I look forward to working alongside everyone and learning and growing in this space!


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Hello, Sarge. Welcome to the space. Theres a lot of interesting people and tools here. I think you will enjoy it.

Sawdust addict, and the guy with the canoe.

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Hey Sarge!

Long time fan of your bakery and knower of Liz. Happy to see that you’ve joined and I’m excited to see what you make!

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Hey hey! Liz is excited to see you around in here, so it’s a good thing I joined! I’ll probably need some advice and assistance in the fabric area, as I am trying to turn one of my jackets into a Riot Vest/workshop vest.

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I used to be called general gamble, because I’m so officious in person. in reality i am a traveler of the dream world to this. this is why I act officious, the bullshit of acting the part of the motions of the normal people seem luaghable to me. So i normally choose not to entertain them.