Introduction - Ryker

Hello Everyone!

My name is Ryker and I am a new member here at Lansing Makers Network. I joined on Thursday and have spent the last 2 days learning more about LMN and I am really excited to get started on some projects.

A little about me, I am a MSU 2018 Grad who found himself staying in Lansing long term with my job in IT. After over a year of living here I decided I needed to pick up some hobbies and I remember growing up my Dad and Uncles always doing all sorts of projects together. I wanted to do some stuff like that too and needed a place to do it, that’s where LMN grab my attention. I love wood work and I have always wanted to get into metal/forge work as well so seeing that I could do that here really made me excited. On top of that I do Cosplay and currently I’m working on a costume that is related to Star Wars. The fabrics and crafts area will definitely see some use from me as I bring my costume to life bit by bit over there.

Anyways that is a little about me and I’d love to learn more about everyone else so if you see me I’m more than happy to hang out an chat for awhile. See you around!

Welcome to LMN, Ryker. :slight_smile:

May the Force be with you. Welcome and I enjoyed our conversation look forward helping were I can on your journey.