Introduction - Puja

I have recently started volunteering at the Space, and thought it was a good time to introduce myself since you’ll be seeing more of me, especially if you come in on the weekends. I am a veterinarian and just about finishing my PhD from MSU in Reproductive endocrinology (think cancer research, fertility, hormones and dogs).
In my free time I build…from clay, leather and/or wood. I paint, pyrography, refurbish and, engrave and hope to be able to learn new sets of skills at LMN as well as polish old ones.
I am very happy to be in midst of you talented lot! Its very inspiring!!
Happy making!

Welcome Puja! (and thanks for posting an introduction).

What kind of things are you doing with pyrography? I’d love to checkout some pictures if you’re willing to share.

What kinds of things are you looking to learn? I’m happy to get you going on some checkouts or otherwise help out. Just let me know!

Pyrography: I’ll show them next time I see you!
What I would like to learn:

  1. Wood work: bevel edges using the circular saw, bow ties, dove tails, using the router, cabinet /furniture making.
  2. Laser cutter and CNC machine use.
  3. Lathe

Checkouts: Yup, I’ll start the process soon. Will let you know. Spoke with Carl already…will set up a date/time with him.