Introduction - Lloyd

Hey guys!

I’m brand new to this but I’m here to build some guitars… So my apologies because I’ll need to receive help for now but once I learn things I’ll be happy to share with others.

Thank you!


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I believe someone was making a jig like thing for making guitars. @seabrig29 was making a lyre at one point, and I need to make “mark two” of a Sutton Hoo lyre because I bored the key holes a bit too big. Then there is that problematic symphonie…

@GaryB I didn’t have a jig. I used the CNC and that was problematic but doable. As for making a MarkTwo. I have in the past when I drilled keyholes too big glued dowels into holes and redrilled. Its not an uncommon mistake to correct and is found in many old instruments.

Cool, thanks for the advice. Now I have to find my reamer.