Introduction -Joanie

I’m interested in becoming a member, and would like to take classes in woodworking. Of course,this pandemic complicates this.
Anyway, I would like more info.
Thank you.

Hi @Joanieb, I’m glad you found the space! I’m Erik Gillespie, a very new board member to the Lansing Makers Network. What kinds of woodworking projects do you have in mind?

Right now all of the classes have been put on hold, but we are planning to release a draft of our reopening plan by Friday of this week. I’ll make sure to express your interests to the rest of the board to see how we may be able to help you out.

Keep an eye out for our reopening plan and a personal follow-up later this week. :grin:


I’m interested in learning how to use the equipment safely. I inherited a lot of rough lumber that is hardwood, much of it maple. I would love to gain skills to be able to use the wood for projects.
Looking forward to meeting you.