Introduction - Jimmy

Hi all!

My name is Jimmy, and I’ve started volunteering at the space this weekend. Very happy to be in and around such a cool space, and even more pleased to be able to contribute to it!

My “making” background is primarily my 3 years of stage crew / theater in high school. From there, I’ve experimented with coding and 3d modelling, and spend time building things out of wood for my house when I can. Currently, I’m the president of the MSU Student Housing Cooperative in East Lansing, and am usually asking “what skills can I use to improve our community living situations?” I believe there is a lot that can be done for our specially-sized houses with custom-fit solutions through making!

I am interested in learning about practically everything, and would love to hear about / work with others on projects of all kinds! But particularly, I’d love to develop skills in carpentry, electronics, 3d printing, ceramics and metalworking. Super excited to meet and chat with you all! :blush:

Welcome, Jimmy!
One day soon we really need to talk about that question of how we can incorporate a making aspect into the work you do for the Housing Cooperative.