Introduction - Jeff P

Hi everyone,

My name is Jeff. I just re-joined the Makers Network this weekend. I was a previous member a couple years ago but had to take a break. Since its been so long since i was last a member, i figured i would do another intro post.

My interests a woodworking and leather working. My wife and i do a lot of medieval/viking reenacment and i like to make a lot of our gear for that. I just recently built a viking tent for us for Nordic Fire Fest. For my next projects i am hoping to build a tablet weaving loom and some treasure chests.

I look forward to meeting everyone and building some cool projects at the network.


Will you be doing an inkle (?) loom or a post loom?

I am planning to build an inkle loom and a mini Oseberg loom which is modeled after a viking grave find.

I’m planning to demonstrate at the NFF and make a stone beer. So I’m on the lookout for granite.