Introduction - James B

Hey everyone,

I’m James. I primarily work in 3D printing and electronics. I primarily joined to see about getting access to a larger 3D printer and maybe the laser cutter for making nicer control panels for my projects, but the woodworking and metalworking areas did catch my attention during the tour.

My main project is stuck waiting on parts at the moment, so I’m not going to be doing much soon, but hopefully something at the space catches my eye in the meantime.

See you around,

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Happy to have you James! What is your main project going to be?

D’oh! How did I forget the most important part?

I’m currently making a controller for a flight simulator called DCS; specifically the the main gun controls for the Apache attack helicopter - look at this ridiculous thing:

You can get these premade for ~$1200, but while I like the game, I don’t $1200 like the game - so I’m building my own with the help of some kind folks who’ve shared their designs online: DIY Apache TEDAC for DCS - DCS: AH-64D - ED Forums

I’m not getting the screen (I already have a monitor, thank you) so I expect this to come in under $100 for electronics and filament - not too bad, IMO.