Introduction - Hi

Hello all,

My name is Ron, I am excited to be joining your community of makers, and I’m looking forward to working on projects and learning new skills with you all. I’m especially interested in the woodshop and have a long list of projects I have been dreaming about and hope to make real.
I also would like to be able to create metal enclosures and learn enough about metal work to get started. Its really cool to to see so many disciplines available at the space, and hope to contribute as well.

I have a background in software and have enjoyed participating at hacker spaces (sudoroom in Oakland). I plan to attend casual hack nights where I will probably work on some projects for Garmin watches, or what ever comes to mind.

I hope to meet many of you soon :slight_smile:


Hello Ron!

I’m also making enclosures of sorts! I just picked up a 20-ton press from HF to convert into a press-brake for bending metal panels. My background is software engineering and user interface design.

I look forward to meeting you and seeing what you make!

Hi Jesse!

Looking forward to meeting you too! The press brake sounds cool, looking forward to seeing what you are up to as well!

Welcome, Ron! I’m excited to see what you make! I hope to meet at the lathe checkout, if not sooner. It’s awesome to see more Bay area folks around the space. There are a few of us now :grin:

Thank you for the welcome Arialia! see you at the lathe checkout!

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Hi Ron! Was nice meeting you the other day!

Hey Laura! was nice meeting you too! thanks for checking me in to the space