Introduction - Grimes

Hey all - Long time lurker, first time poster here.

I recently toured the space with my father (funny enough I grew up on Alpha st.), and am super excited to join when I get a little capacity back in my life! I hope to get into wood working and welding in the space.

I worked as a graphic designer, mostly in print, for about 15 years. Everything from screen printing to large format printers and finishing. I’ve also volunteered at a number of publish art studios here and in Seattle including Reach, The Fledge, and The Vera Project.

I am currently teaching a graphic design and print production vocational course in the Lansing School District. We have a very robust studio including direct to garment printing, large format printers, vinyl plotters, and laser CNC.

I’m always looking for professionals in the industry to connect my students to. Additionally, I am looking for some help on our equipment:

  • 3D printers, including an older RepRap 400x4
  • Commercial embroidery machines
  • Maslow 3 large format CNC

I hope to some day bring screen printing to the Makers Network!


Welcome aboard! Excited about the screen printing at the space idea. Factory Two in Flint has a nice set up at their spave for that. Looking forward to working together again.