Introduction - Greg

I just signed up on Friday the 23rd :ghost: and spend my third day at the maker space today.

This place is everything I hoped it would be. Lots of space, all the essential machinery and tools and friendly people. Though I wish I had a bigger car, because I realize I can make some big tables here.
Going to the maker space is way better than worrying about space restrictions and not having the funds to buy some of the more expensive machinery for my home workshop.

I’m a bigger dude, in my early 20’s. You might see me hovering around the metal working area, cleaning things and organizing.

Between middle school and now, I’ve played alot with electronics. Arduinos, PIC Microcontroller’s, digital logic, basic circuit design, Hot air rework and reflow. Since covid made college online, I took a break from school and took time to professionally begin repairing video graphics cards in early 2021 while everyone was crazy about mining crypto on them. Business was good. I reinvested every dollar into my electronics workshop.

Some things I want to improve my knowledge on is analog signal processing, FPGA design and implementation, and building Linux from scratch to run bare bone OS’s for “smart” integrated systems that require a bit more compute power than an STM32.

For my goals In the maker space, I hope to learn about blacksmithing and practice working with real world CNC implementations, on the wood, metal, and laser cutters.

If you ever need help with electronics, or help to figure out on how to take something apart, don’t be afraid to ask! :sunglasses:


Good to hear that you are enjoying the space. Hope to pick your brains soon.

Welcome, Greg! It was nice to meet you this weekend, and please feel free to ask me any questions you may have about any of those topics. And I might have some for you, as well.

I have not done LFS, but I do have a lot of linux/*nix administration experience. You probably know more than me, but i’d love to hear about any updates on this project. It sounds fun