Introduction from Clarence

Hello Everyone! My name is Clarence, and I am excited to have just joined LMN. I am a mixed-media artist, part time author, and prolific ne’er-do-well with an interest in never getting bored.

I am looking forward to meeting like-minded nerds, learning my way around the shop spaces, and learning as much as I can.

Current projects are small resin-printing miniature for assembling dioramas, but I am particularly keen to learn the laser cutter and cnc mill for medium and largescale projects.

Cool! And welcome.
What kind of dioramas do you make?

I got started in HO scale RR way back in the day. During the recent house hunting, it’s mostly been doing little scenes and sculptures that fit in a belljar

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Welcome to the space!

Welcome to the space!
I look forward to seeing your creations :slight_smile: