Introduction - Forrest

Hi everyone! My name is Forrest and I joined about an hour ago. As of right now I’m mostly interested in the woodshop, but am definitely interested in exploring some of the other areas in the future.

I’m currently in the process of preparing to build a Kotatsu table (a Japanese table used for keeping warm in the winter). I’ve drawn up some to-scale “blueprints” and I was hoping I could have someone take a look, tell me what needs fixing or things to consider, and then tell me what tools I will need to get training for to get started. Is there anyone who would be willing to do that? I can attach pictures if needed.

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Hi, Forrest - welcome to the space!

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Hey Forrest, welcome to the space! And I’m sure we’d all love to see pictures!

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Hi Jimmy, ok, I have attached a photo! There is a view of the top, the side, and the parts I will need based on what I’ve drawn. I’ve also attached a small reference within to show an example of the final product will look like.

For context, the tabletop is supposed to be removable so that a blanket can be placed between it and the frame if desired, there’s also a specialized heater that will be attached to the frame to heat the area under blanket.

I’m hoping to use as few screws and nails as possible, which I hope to accomplish with notches in the legs for the frame, combined with wooden dowels.

It looks like the resolution of the picture has been shrunk, hopefully everything is still able to be seen well enough.