Introduction - Ezra

Hi all, my name is Ezra and I use they/them pronouns. I recently went thru volunteer orientation and I’m just waiting on getting scheduled!

I’m mostly interested in using the LMN space to make art- I’m experienced with drawing/painting/digital art, but I want to branch out into making sculptures and such! I’m tempted to say I want to learn to use everything in the space, but I know that’s unrealistic :smile: so I’ll probably start with welding as I recently learned to weld and would like to improve my skills!

I’m really looking forward to starting my volunteer hours and getting to know everyone! Thanks for reading!


Glad to have you on board, Ezra!

I can’t wait to see what art you are able to make with the space!!

Learn everything! When I first started, I took every checkout that came by. It was very useful just to know what i could do.

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