Introduction- Check Out Request

Hi everyone!

My name is Emily Burkhead (she/her), and I’m a second year MFA candidate at MSU. Some of you all have maybe already met Henry, my partner, who has introduced me to the space. :slight_smile:

I’m an intermedia artist and filmmaker from Memphis, TN. Recently I’ve gotten into textile art, including making my own clothing and fur-covered vases. I next would love to get into rug tufting and was wondering if anyone would be able to show me the ropes and train me to use the tufting gun.

Looking forward to meeting in person!


Welcome to the space! I’m excited to see what you make!
I made my first machine tufted rug last week! I’m almost done training as a checker outer on the tufting gun so if @Jimmy can supervise I can give you a checkout! I’m free for open hours except for Saturday this week

Hi James! Thank you so much! It looks like I am under the weather with some sort of sinus infection this week. How does next week look for you?

Im also interested in using the tufting gun, would love to join in next week!

Hey @Eburkhead and @Moonrod , how does Friday the 9th at 4:00pm work for the both of you?

Yes it does!! Thank you!!

Hi! nice to hear from you.
Do you use faux-fur? If not, how do you source your fur?

Definitely just using faux fur. :slight_smile: I like the different colors and kitsch that comes with it, other than being an animal lover.

I would also love to be checked out on the tufting gun, and am also available on Friday at 4.

Nice to meet a fellow fiber artist Emily!


Sweet! @jimmy could the makerspace use some fuzzy lamps? We have a lot of faux fur


I’ll be there at 4 for the checkout! Excited to show you all how it works, it’s a fun tool.

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