Introduction: Anna

Hi all! You may have seen me at the building on Sundays for the past 6 months or so chatting with the lovely people of the Sunday night open stitch thing, but I have officially become a member! I hope to do a lot of volunteering and learning as well. I have a bachelor’s in engineering from MSU and more hobbies than I can count, including 2D art, crochet, embroidery, gardening, birding, tabletop RPGs, etc. If you’ve seen me around, it’s probably been with my crochet bird wing shawl but am excited to delve into everything the space offers!

I’m looking forward to meeting more folks and learning even more skills!


So glad that you’ve joined Anna!

What kinds of checkouts would you like to go for first? Any projects in mind?

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I would love to checkout the 3D printers: I’ve ever really used one before and I have some tabletop minis I’d love to try and print. The laser etcher and the CNC are also big draws, though I don’t have any projects in mind for them


Hi Anna! It’s me am testing this.

Hello! It works!