Introduction and questions!

Hello! My name is Moth, pronouns are they/them, and I’m pretty new to the maker space scene but have no shortage of experience!

I currently crochet, knit, spin fiber, tablet weave, weave proper (still new), nålbind, sew, and do leatherworking (also new but I don’t think Id consider myself overly “new” at it). I also can draw decently and putz around with design software. Before settling on going back to college for nursing, I was looking into biomedical engineering, and was on a robotics team as team lead and have a decent amount of time designing and creating mechanical parts, and have enough knowledge in other parts to be “dangerous” but not quite useful as far as other design features you may find on a robot goes.

Someone had mentioned this place to me before and I sort of looked into it. I have had an itch to use a tufting gun/frame in order to make a rug. What possessed me to want to make a rug is a bit beyond me, but knowing how I operate it won’t go away until I’ve had my hand at it.

I’ve both seen that y’all have access to a tufting gun and have a WIP SOP that I am very interested in and wouldn’t mind helping to fill out the rest of the way. I also have fiber arts and leatherworking experience I’m willing to help with/share with others. I’m going back to college this spring semester as well. I’m curious what all the process of joining looks like and what I need to get started!

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Welcome to the space! I am mike, I am one of several volunteers at the space. Have you taken a tour yet?

I have not! I’m out in Portland and havnt made it into Lansing overly much, but will be there every week for college

Thats a bit of a drive. There are two memberships available. An open hours membership is available for 35 dollars a month. Open hours are thursday and friday 4 pm to 9 pm and saturday/sunday from noon to 8pm.

The other option is a full access for 80 dollars a month. This is available after the first month of open hours membership. With a full access membership your name tag doubles as a key to the building.

The first steps to signing up are to visit the space and take a tour. After that the paperwork to set up a membership and print a name tag should take about 10 minutes.

I am on shift today from 4 to 6 today. The space is closed tomorrow and saturday for new years, and open on sunday. Next week hours are back to normal.

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Hey there Moth! Glad you’re interested in the space, and excited to meet you sometime soon!