Introduction - Alec G

Hello everyone! I’ve been curious about the group for a long time online and finally convinced myself to come in and check it out today to start a membership.
I work currently as a heavy equipment technician for Macallister Rentals/MI CAT, but am in the process of transitioning into a technical instructor role within the company. For work I repair anything from small contractor tools to large loaders, excavators and boom lifts. All aspects from body/welding to diagnostics and repair work.

Currently at home I do mostly 3D printing projects, I picked a printer up 2 years ago around Christmas, and have been learning what I can about 3d modeling and printing ever since. So far have mostly worked with Fusion360 and dabbled in Blender but am far from competent on it.
Other then then that I have been working on some scale model buildings out of craft woods, and enjoy making and painting miniatures.
I also do a lot of gardening, landscaping, planting and trying to keep up with a century old home.

I am interested in learning more about electronics, hoping that one day I could learn enough to make and build my own printed projects with use of motor functions and controls.

I also have an interest in furniture making, but just haven’t yet been able to get tooling together to give it an honest go.

I’ve been making things my whole life, but not been around folks with the same passion. So my overall goal in being here is to learn what I can and share what I know if it’s of any use. I like the idea of coming to a place where other people are working on their own interesting projects in the same place and hope to meet you all as time goes on.


Welcome Alec! It sounds like you’ve found the right place. I look forward to meeting you in person!

Hi, Alec…& welcome to LMN!

would love to talk gardening.