Intro to Fremont 101


I’m Fremont, I’m new to the LMN. I’ve been in the area awhile now, went to MSU, and now work with wildlife. I’m apparently middle aged at 43 years old… it happened so quick I barely had a chance to notice.

I’ve been into woodworking since I was a teenager, and out of HS worked as a finish carpenter and custom cabinetry shop. After that I got picked up as a systems engineer and did that for awhile, got into home building for awhile, then finally went to school.

I’m into pretty much everything. Wood, obviously. Some electronics, some metal, sewing, been using the Adobe suite since it was blank and white lol, leather work - you name it. My life has felt like a constant path of discovery and learning.

I’m excited to be a part of the network! I look forward to learning what others have to offer, and sharing what I’ve picked up along the way, as well! I’m looking forward to getting into CNC and blacksmithing, in particular!

I’ll be looking to attend essentially all check-outs asap!


Hey Fremont!
Looking forward to seeing what you make. Hope to meet you soon!

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Welcome welcome! Nice to meet you the other day!

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Hi Fremont, nice to meet you!

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Thanks all! I appreciate it. Can’t wait to come back in and get sorted with orientation, etc.!

Hey Fremont! Welcome to the space. What do you do with wildlife, out of curiosity?

It ranges a lot! I went to MSU for entomology, but wound up starting a commercial wildlife management/environmental consulting company with a fisheries and wildlife friend. He left the co., so my projects are more consulting based now. Anytime wildlife comes up for a company as an issue that’s where I (hopefully) come in for assessment.

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Welcome to the space Fremont!
I’m excited to see what you make!