Interested in Wood lathe checkout

I would love to get a check out for the wood lathe!

Me too, during general open hours!

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I’m interested too. I’d like to do some cutting and facing of plastic rod (delrin) if that’s appropriate for a wood lathe.

I could do the wood lathe checkout on Th 12/9 at 6:30.

12/9 6:30 That works for me!

I think I can make that. Erik

I’m interested in doing this checkout too, if it’s not to crowded already.

If there’s room I’d like to get in on this checkout too!

I’m very interested but can’t make Thursday, I’ll start another request after. Thanks!


If there is room for one more, than I will be there tomorrow night as well. Looking forward to this.

Looks like I won’t be able to make it to this check-out.

Assuming this checkout happened, marking as closed.

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