Instructions for popcorn popper

Now that we have everything needed to make popcorn in the popper, I think it would be helpful to have instructions shown prominently nearby to safely operate it and make yummy popcorn.

A lot of the working parts are metal so I think it’s important to have a big warning that they can get very hot.

Here are my steps for making popcorn but please feel free to improve:

  1. Make sure the burner is empty
  2. Turn on all three switches
  3. Add 1/4 cup of oil (required) and 1 tablespoon of salt (optional) to the burner
  4. When the oil has melted, add 1 cup of popcorn seeds to the burner and close the lid
  5. After the popcorn is done popping:
    a. Turn off the burner and spinner (but leave on the warmer)
    b. Rotate the burner handle to empty the popcorn

A QR code and link for cleaning would be handy too. Here’s a link to a TikTok that shows how to clean it up: Cleaning a popcorn maker could be so satisfying. ASMR cleaning for a m... | TikTok

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A tablespoon??? Have you tested that?

Yep, I stopped in last Friday and followed this exact amount. I even commented to Maria that I preferred my popcorn saltier than how it turned out but no one said it was too salty. That step is optional so I’ll note it as such though. :yum:

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