Install RO water spigot

With the untimely demise of the sink mounted soap dispenser and subsequent replacement, there’s a opportunity hole in the sink begging to be utilized.

I think @zimmer62 donated a RO (reverse osmosis) drinking water system for the space a /long/ time ago. Is the effort to install it worth it ?

Anyone want to maker happen ?

(I think the box containing it is on the rolling cart hanging out in the middle of the space.)

EDIT: I took a look in the box today. Everything seems to be there including instructions. Its not a crazy complicated install, but also non-trivial. I guess we’ll consider it if there’s enough upvotes.

I’ve put in two of these before. It’s really not that hard, but pretty uncomfortable under the sink :slight_smile:

If people oppose the idea of using it, I’d be happy to take it back and install it in my new house. However my intent was to have nicer cleaner water for the coffee and drinking at LMN

I don’t think there’s any opposition. Simply looking to prioritize what work we’re doing.

If someone were to jump on it tomorrow I don’t think I or anyone else would look to stop them.

True… poor choice of words… I can’t imagine anyone saying don’t do it. I can imagine nobody volunteering for it.

I can do it if it doesn’t happen before my hockey camp is done, but I can’t commit to it before then. I’d like to hang make sure I’ve hung the screw art first though.

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I’ll install it if you like.

Sounds like we’ve got a taker. Thanks @cafwood!

@cafwood knocked this out like a boss.

Thanks Charlie!

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