In-person board meeting tomorrow, 7/26

Hello hello! Our next board meeting is tomorrow at 7:00 pm at the makerspace. I’ve shared the agenda below.

You’re welcome to attend and chat with us during the member-led discourse. If you’re unable to attend and would still like to discuss something with the board, leave a reply below and I’ll bring it up for you. :slight_smile:


  • Approval of agenda
  • Executive report
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Secretary’s report
  • Committee updates
  • Member-led discourse
  • Schedule the next board meeting
  • Public board meeting adjourns
  • Executive session

Location Details

Topic: LMN Board Meeting
Time: July 26, 2023 at 7:00 PM Eastern
Location: 2730 Alpha Access St. Lansing, MI 48910

Lansing Makers Network

Board of Directors
Regular Meeting Minutes

July 26, 2023, 7:00 pm at 2730 Alpha Access

Present: Erik Gillespie (Secretary), Brian Adams (President), Carl Raymond, Jerry Jodloski, Joe Zimmerman, Charlie Finkel

Absent: Jody Applegate (Treasurer)

Spectators: Evelyn Down, Maria Alcaraz, Maria Riolo, Ryan Rank (from the Kalamazoo Makerspace)

Minutes: Erik Gillespie

Meeting called to order: 7:09 pm

1. Approval of agenda

MOTION: Approval of Agenda as Submitted. [Brian, Joe]
RESULT: Approved by unanimous consent

2. Treasurer’s report

Link to 2023-06 Treasurer’s Report
Link to 2023-07 (Partial) Treasurer’s Report

  • Dot is working on an estimated budget in addition to getting our books caught up.
  • Status of backlog of undeposited checks.
  • Our solicitation license app has been submitted and is pending.
  • Our 990s through 2022 have been submitted. We’re caught up!
  • We’re starting payments to electrician soon (4 payments of ~$2,472).

3. Secretary’s report

  • I submitted the pending solicitation license and additional requested info for the MI Relief Grant. Grants will be announced in August.
  • Patronicity report is complete except for the budget - Erik and Brian will start tagging these transactions over lunch.
  • No word from Cheyenne about her interest in a board position. I think we should reopen the Call for Board Members.

4. Executive report

  • Dot is working on the books and doing a great job catching up.
  • The finance team is continuing to meet to come up with plans to stay on top of finances.
  • A small group is working on a plan for The Brain Games event. Expect a summary and calls for help soon. Aiming for October 21st for the date of the event. It’ll be similar to a “fun run” but with a focus on mental games/challenges.
  • How-to Halloween will be at Impression 5 with a robot theme and a combination of indoor and outdoor events. It’ll be on October 7 and we’re invited and will have tent space.
  • The transition into a teal-style organization is slow but still moving forward.

5. Committee updates

  • Strategic Planning Committee (Brian, Carl, Charlie)
    • No meeting in the past month.
  • Fundraising Committee (Carl, Erik, Joe, Maria, Evelyn, Mike)
    • Link to Fundraising Committee Meeting Minutes
    • We’re still moving forward with the mail campaign.
    • We gave out a lot of QR code tokens at Scrapfest to be redeemed for a free tour and keychain.
    • We are planning to work on rebuilding our mailing lists from Mailchimp and Eventbrite.
    • Evelyn is working with Matt Rossi about class followups.
    • Carl plans to work on an appeal to donors approaching the holidays.
    • We had a photographer in on Saturday and Erik will put the photos on the Google drive when they’re received. Ian Kast also offered to make a video for us.

6. Member-led discourse

  • Evelyn knows someone who will donate the redevelopment of our business plan.
    • Brian will lead the coordination of this.
    • Charlie proposes we do this on top of our board makers.
  • The GLUG.Net meetup group is interested in hosting an event on Thursday, August 3rd.
    • Joe will start coordinating with them to ensure we can meet their needs.
  • Sleep in Heavenly Peace is interested in hosting a meeting here.
    • Charlie will continue coordinating with them to get them access they need.
    • Charlie is also looking for donations from corporations and volunteers to help with an LMN + SIHP build.
    • Their open build will be on September 9th.
  • Ryan from the Kalamazoo Makerspace visited us, shared info about their size (space and membership), and is looking to learn and share from/with us.
  • Vic would like us to consider a loan agreement for a lapidary machine to use in our jewelry station.
    • Brian will work with Vic on a proposal.
  • Maria A. is looking for someone with Facebook access to try to setup the Facebook/Eventbrite integration.
    • Brian thinks this integration isn’t working because we have additional questions required (photo release and age verification) that disrupt the integration.
    • Evelyn will try to create the upcoming events and link to Eventbrite even if the ticket sale integration doesn’t work.
  • Maria R. is wondering if we can partner with senior care or assisted living to offer classes to seniors.
    • Erik will follow up with Burcham Hills about whether they’re interested.
    • Jerry will send Erik another contact about this.

7. Schedule the next board meeting

Next board meeting: Wednesday, August 23, 2023, at 7:00 pm

  • Charlie requests an agenda item to discuss the status of memberships (trends, paid vs. unpaid).

8. Public board meeting adjourns

MOTION: Adjourn board meeting and move into the executive session. [Brian, Jody]
RESULT: Approved by unanimous consent.